The unraveling the Eternal Story of Mono-Ingredients. Behind the forgotten story, back to the past, when everything was having form. Roughly 13.8 billion years ago, the Universe was created, and a few seconds after, an unimaginable amount of elements too.

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The saga of mono-ingredients unfolds at the very dawn of time, tracing back to the cosmic event of the big bang. With this cataclysmic occurrence, minerals were born, giving rise to stars, planets, mountains, and the very essence of life itself. From the vastness of the universe to the tiniest of particles, this narrative encompasses everything, including the human race and the evolution of natural medicine.

At the heart of this grand tale is humanity's relentless quest for survival and prosperity. In ancient times, our ancestors ventured deep into the embrace of nature, hunting and foraging for plants and herbs that held the key to healing and resilience.

As epochs passed, mankind's relationship with nature transformed. The story of mono-ingredients became intertwined with the narrative of human progress and advancement through science.

The Visual Identity reveals, chapter by chapter, the conceptual history, thought to be very important, with visual codes that create a narrative. These codes are thoroughly tested to make a unique language, serving as a timeline of humanity's history - from the past to the present and future. As we immerse ourselves in this extraordinary journey, Typography takes center stage, paying homage to the very essence of an encyclopedia's codes. A seamless metamorphosis guides us from the nostalgia of traditional fonts to the sleek and modern allure of a san-serif font, mirroring the evolution of human understanding.


Client: Biocol
Service: Visual Identity & Packaging
Year: 2021/22


Creative Direction:
Silvia Matias

Biocol Creative Direction:
Christian Balivet

Silvia Matias

Szymon Piotrowicz